Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snarking about Coffee

As it has already been said, here at Room for Snark we are fans of many things: pretty and impractical shoes, the sale book racks at Barnes and Noble's, cardigans in every shape and color. And the driving force behind all of our loves: caffeine. We're the first to admit that we are totally caffeine junkies. To exasperate this addiction, B spent two years as a barista at local coffee shops on campus and took full advantage of free coffee for herself and her lovely friends, aka J. So, it pains B to say that she has found the one thing that is worse than no coffee in the morning: Folger's coffee in the morning. It had been years since this slop had graced our coffee pots, but B's currently living on the salary of a grad student, and that recently has meant that she's drinking Folgers. After weeks of trying to review synaptic mechanisms before 9am with a turning stomach, it dawned on her: "I'm drinking piss water that is literally eating away at my stomach." With that being said, the take home point from Room for Snark: Folgers, go fuck yourself for making a terrible battery acid of a coffee. And now B counts down the days until she can buy real coffee... EPIC DOWNGRADE.

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