Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Danny Tanner-ism

Being children on the 90's, we along with the rest of our generation were in love with Full House. We thought DJ was the cool teenager that we totally wanted to be, that Steph was witty and in later years almost bought flannel because of her, that Jesse was the coolest uncle and definitely wanted to ride his motorcycle (ha...), and even then, we thought that Michelle was fucking annoying. But the one thing that we believe was completely under-appreciated by the bulk America was the hottness of Danny Tanner. That hair, those sweaters, that mild OCD - what's there not to love? With that being said, we're now instituting a weekly Danny Tanner-ism so you and us can get our fix for the week. Enjoy.

"You watch Wake Up San Francisco because it's nice, and easy. Well this morning, I had a little too much coffee, so we're gonna do it nice... and rough."

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