Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy (Snarky) Holidays!

Happy holidays to all of our readers out there (all none of you...)! Instead of endorsing any particular religious/political/spiritual/etc. holiday with pictures of trees and gifts and menorahs and whatnot, we'll just leave you with a picture of where you wish you were:

Happy eating/food comas to you all!

Photo courtesy of Not that we're endorsing them, either (but we'd gladly take a free trip or two if you're offering...).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Your "Jersey Shore" Name Is...

You know what? Let's just be honest. "Jersey Shore" is a shitshow, and we love it. What sounds better than a show about a bunch of drunk fake-bakers who each single-handedly keep Ed Hardy in business? Recently discovered by these Snarkers: Enjoy. We're just waiting for Dina and Teresa to show up somewhere.

PS, we'll only be responding to "The Rack" and "The Paris Hilton of Trenton" from now on. You've been warned.

PPS, here's another one: Guido me!

Hair Care (or Lack Thereof...)

Let's snark about hair, kids.

We'd be lying if we said we hadn't noticed the latest red carpet rage: bedhead. We'd also be lying if we said we didn't have opinions about this. While we've finally accepted that 2009 will be sartorially remembered as the year where nobody brushed their hair, there's a spin-off of that trend we're not too happy about. Since finals are upon us and we're quite tired, let's keep this brief.

You know those things you see in a store that make you wonder, "Did the designer forget something? Like, to finish the garment? Run out of dye halfway through, perhaps?" That's ombre, otherwise known as the color pattern normally associated with grade-school forays into tie-dye (not that we don't love a good grade-school craft project. Don't even question it.). While the rest of us are watching our pennies by eating out less or reverting back to freshman year booze brands, it seems that the fashion world has decided to simply stop hair maintenance and call it "ombre hair" the latest trend.

There's almost too much to say about this. Juxtaposing feminine, lady-like pieces with tougher pieces is one thing, but this is just dumb. Since when did lazy become fashionable? Downgrade.

Photo courtesy of WhoWhatWear.